Thethiyur V.Mahadevan, M.A.R.P.(Cal.) M.M.H.Sc.A Divine Astrologer, Occultist, Thanthric Healer born on 23rdMarch 1955 in a village Thethiyur near Kumbakonam, Thanjavur D.T., Tamil Nadu , India. He hails from a highly respectable orthodox Vedic Brahmin  family. There is a halo of aristocracy around the family as inheritors of our ancient tradition. He is renowned for his assiduous pursuit of the Jothish sasthras and their invaluable teachings.


His father Srividya Manthrarathnam Brahmasri Thethiyur S.Viswanatha Sastrigal (S.V.Sastry) was a great scholar and authority of the Rig veda and Jothish sasthra (Astrology) but unfortunately he passed away in 1996. He learned Manthra ,Enthra, Thanthra Sasthra from him. After that He learned Prayoga Sasthra from his uncle (father’s Brother) Brahmasri Pandit Thethiyur  S.Krishnamurthy Sastrigal (S.K.Sastry). He  was also a veteran in Astrology and Sanskrit, had received President’s Award in 2006 .

Thethiyur V.Mahadevan sat at the feet of his Father and Uncle and studied the higher texts on Astrology. He gained specialized knowledge in this field of Astrology, Occultism, Thanthric Healing and Prasna Sasthra has been offering Free Astro Guidance, invaluable service by Virtue of centuries old secret and rare occult powers of the mystic Orient  to all for the past one decade. Doing much researches on Manthra, Jothish Sasthra, won the title of  “Brahmagnane”. He is the Great Devotee of Ramesh Nambudri as he is one of his Guru.

Thethiyur V. Mahadevan started his career in Foundry Technology. Now he is the World famous Divine Astrologer , Occultist, Thanthric Healer and active Journalist.

His attitude will continue ever and his aim is that nobody should be in distress, at any point of time. He is one of the eminent senior authorities in Jyothish sasthra devoting most of his time for the Service to the Public. He is in-depth study in this field of Astrology,Occultism, Thanthric Healing, Prasna Sasthra still continues.

He has written many articles and offered interpretation about astrology in Astro Magazines. His positive thoughts and approaches helped many people to streamline their lives. Still very active, he pursues the propagation of Astrology offering invaluable Free Guidance to all who come to him or write to him thereby popularizing the divine science of Astrology.
Loka samasthas sukino bhavanthu