Our website www.vedicpoojahomam.com was started with the Blessing of our Guru Srividya Manthrarathnam Brahmasri Thetiyur S.Viswanatha Sastrigal (S.V.Sastry) for the purpose of giving online Vedic Hindu Pooja Homam and other Spiritual services to all devout around the world.

This is a   platform through which a person or a devotee can offer online Vedic Pooja, Homam to almighty God and Goddess in PERSONALIZED WAY  and thus seek the Divine help and Assistance for resolving his / her Crisis, for getting Success, abundance, peace of Mind, health, Wealth, Education Prospects, and prosperity, even for flourishing His / Her spiritual Growth.

We are the organization to provide you a personalized Vedic Pooja, Homam and other spiritual services through our own Vedic Pandits (priest). We always try to provide our sincere and honest services for offering your Vedic ‘POOJA’, ‘HOMAM’ etc.  to be performed so that your own desires get fulfilled  with the kindness and blessings of our Guru and God & Goddess.

We always try to give value of our Devotee’s spiritual sentiment. We try to perform the Vedic Poojas, Homam with our own Vedic Pandits and other spiritual procedures for our devotees. we always prefer to provide our personal care for spiritual services so that his / her wishes & desires get fulfilled.

www.vedicpoojahomam.com website was started many other personalized services regarding online Vedic Pooja, Homam, Divine Kavach, Thalisman, Enthras and occult Items i.e. Spiritual Amulet, Online Astrology, online purchase and your day-to-day spiritual needs. You can order for rituals, Vedic poojas, homas etc. to be performed in your name.

We will perform Your Vedic POOJA,  HOMAM etc. in a honest way on your behalf and will ship all after Pooja Items or after Homa prasadam to you. In this regards we inform you that We are a Private body working as an Online Vedic Pooja, Homam and Other Religious Services Provider maintaining the sincerity, honesty and proper spiritual ethics.

Spiritual services that we provide for people or for our devotees. It is not at all magical remedies of their problems. These are based on Vethas, Hindu Dharmasasthras people’s thousands of years of trust and beliefs on mainly Hindu God & Goddesses. People or devotees all over the world known about our Divine Astrologer Thethiyur V.Mahadevan that they are coming to us and get his proper advice and avail our services since 1980 at their own discretion.

Loka samasthas sukino bhavanthu