gurusGuru Dhiyanam
Devathobasanaa vaabthasidhayaha suthakeerthayaha
jayanthi guravoo nithyam AABATUTHARANA mama
akyanathimiranthasya gnanagyana sakalaya
sakshurunmelethamyena thasmai sri guruveenamaha!!
Srividyamanthrarathnethee pretheenangkithaha swayam
payaa thapaayanmaam nithyam Aabathutharano guru!!

Manthra Guru Dhiyanam
Devathobasanaa vaabthasidhayaha
suthakeerthayahajayanthi guravoo nithyam
akyanathimiranthasya gnanagyana sakalaya
sakshurunmelethamyena Rangeesa Guruvee Namaha!!significance

Significance of Pooja Homam

Hinduism the oldest living religion in the world strongly believes in eradicating inner as well as outer imperfections by destroying undesirable elements and enriching positive energies in the environment. Pooja / Homam, To attain the goal of energizing and protecting the inner self and environment, which is said to be created by Lord Brahma for man’s livelihood & the attainment of his desires. Pooja / Homam is a sacred purifying ritual performed by Hindu Vedic Pandits in Temples, Homes and Working places by involving a sacred fire. The Sun is the main source of energy and a fire (agni) is a representation of the Sun’s energy. Any Pooja/Homam offering to Fire (Agni God) do such as Flowers, Ghee, Rice, Dry Fruits, Honey, Herbs, Wood etc are offered to the sacred fire while reciting Sanskrit Manthras. All the Pooja / Homams are performed by our Divine Astrologer Thethiyur V.Mahadevan at almost all religious ceremonies and important events.