Significance of Vanchakalpa Ganapathi Homam

Vaancha Kalpa Ganapathy homam is a very powerful homam that enhances our chances of getting our heart-felt desires fulfilled.

The mantra of Shri Vaancha Kalpa Ganapathy is a mixture of a Rig vedic hymn, the usual Mahaa Ganapathy moola mantra, and Beejaaksharaas of Shri Vidya mantra.

Thus this is very powerful and combines in itself the obstacle removal calibre of Maha Ganapathy mantra, the wish-bestowing and boundless spiritual power of Shri Vidya mantra, and the power of enchantment of the Rig vedic mantra contained in this. Only those who are initiated into Shri Vidya japam can perform this homam and there are very few authentic experts who can conduct this homam today.

It is very auspicious to have the homam conducted on sukla chaturthi days (monthly chaturthi) or on an auspicious Friday. The meditation should be on Lord Ganapathy in His White form or Red form. The effects of the homam will be manifold if it is done in the presence of Swetaarka Ganapathy idol.

The homam process is very powerful and the powerful vibes can be felt even during the performance of the homam.

Those who are having dosha of Ketu as an obstruction to their goals (like if Ketu is in the 7th and afflicts marital life or if it is in the 4th house and obstructs construction of houses/ education, etc…) and those who are under malefic ketu dasa/ bhuktis can get immensely benefitted by the performance of Vaancha Kalpa Ganapathy homam.

This Homa or Homam is ideal for combating or Removing the effect of Black Magic, getting rid of evils eye,  and acquiring success and prosperity in lives and to destroy your ENEMY.


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