Rudra Homam Significance

Sri Rudram occurs in Krishna Yajur Veda addressed directly to the divinity of Rudra.There are seven chapters in this Veda and Sri Rudram occurs in the fourth or middle chapter. So if Krishna Yajur Veda is like a garland, Sri Rudram is like a pendant in the middle.

The Glory of Rudram Sri Rudram is treated as the celebrated portion of Yajurveda with the sacred Siva Panchakshari mantra (Namasivaya) .It has two portions called Namakkam and Chamakkam . Each contains eleven chapters, or Anuvakams.

Most of the chapters in the first portion end with the letter Namaha or Namo Namaha , while the ending letter of the second portion is “cha me”.
It is firmly believed that every deity is pleased with Rudra japam, and it is also believed that by chanting it, whatever may be the genuine prayers of the devotee, will be granted. Rudra japa is spoken of as a great purifier and it is the most effective Pariharam or Remedy for even the worst sins.
Our Divine Astrologer Thethiyur V.Mahadevan give proper guidelines along with our Vedic Pandits organising the Rudra Homam. They also chant the powerful vedic matras followed by fire rituals to gain more advantages.
Benefits of Rudra Homa

  • Hitch free life
  • Relief from unwanted problems
  • Relief from relationship issues
  • Unity and cordial atmosphere at your work place and home
  • Clarity in thoughts and deeds
  • Who are suffering from negative impacts on their lives
  • To attain success in life
  • To get rid of debts
  • To get rid of hitches in their lives

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