Ashtadhravya Ganapathy Homam Significance

Ashta Dravya Ganapathi Homam is performed, on the eve of every important venture. Purchase of new land, new academic day, birth day, marriage anniversary etc. Along with Homam Ashtothara Archana and Ganapathy Sooktha Parayanam for the welfare of those who undergo operations or majore operations.

Ashtadhravya Ganapathy Homam is the best solution to overcome all the hurdles in life. It provides a soothing effect to the mind as well as the body.

It purifies the environment. By performing Ashtadhravya Ganapathy Homam those who are under the grip of KETHU, overcome all the difficulties.

Ashtadhravya Ganapathy  Homam is for invoking the blessings of Lord Ganapaty. He is the Lord of knowledge and represents Pranava and is done to get rid off all obstacles in the path of success and leads to completion of the intended work.

Ashtadhravya Homam differs between different places. Predominantly, the Ashtadhravya homam (mixing of 8 different materials) is done. The Ashtadravya consists of 1. Modhaka, (type of sweet) 2. Pruthuka, (beaten Rice) 3. Laja, 4. Sakthu, (Flour,) 5. Ikshudanda (Sugarcane,) 6. Nalikera (Coconut,) 7.Thila (Jingely) 8. Kadali phala, (Banana). Each material resembles a Devatha (lord).The invocation of the devatha will be done before the homa. If any of the Ashta dhravya is not available, then these three other dhravya are mixed i.e., Guda (jaggery,) Madhu (honey) and Ghritha (Ghee.) as an exception, whatever dhravya is available, one can use it for the homa.

Our Divine Astrologer thethiyur V.Mahadevan advice to do the Ashtadhravya Ganapathy Homam should be performed in Office, Shop early in the morning. But in the House this Homam can also be performed after the sunrise only.

Benefit of Ashtadhravya Ganapathy homam

  • Prosperity in life.
  • Health – Win over any kind of disease.
  • Wealth – Get all sorts of wealth you expect for.
  • Family bondage.
  • Win over enemies.
  • Attaining our objective or aim.

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