I have cosulted Divine Astrologer Thethiyur V. Mahadevan. I was suffered with big family problem and also with health problem. He advised me to perform Chandi Saptha Sathi Parayan. Based on that i have done the pooja and parayan on 7th June 2016. The Pandits were done pooja very well with high dedication. I am really very happy and i had benefited with high relief from my problems.  I am thanking the pandits and Divine Astrologer Thethiyur V. Mahadevan the the pooja made for us.

Shopna Oberoi, Chennai.

Our Divine Astrologer Thethiyur V.Mahadevan helps you to identify the weak areas in your horoscope and give the guidance and advice for immediate remedy through Chozhi Prasnam (Shell Prasnam) to reduce the power and lead a happy life.

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