Significance of Ashwatha Pradhakshinam:

According to vradha choodaamani, Skanda Puranam, Our Divine Astrologer Thethiyur V.Mahadevan along with our Vedic pundits are doing In the house Kalasa Poojas with Minimum 5 Vedic Pundits and also do Homam chanting of vedas are there. After that Give Pancha Dhanan, Dasa Dhanam to the Vedic Pundits. our Vedic pundits progresses spiritually and gets the physical energy or intensity to rescue from all troubles, gets all the desires fulfilled.

First do Maha Ganapathi Pooja and then Ashwattha mara(tree) Pooja with Abishekam . Then you must start doing Ashwattha pradhakshinam clock wise for counting 108 times. Select 108 Manjals for doing Ashwattha Pradhakshinam. For each pradhakshinam one Manjal (Tuber root) or Eclairs Chocolates., Ellurundai, Laddu, Plantain Fruit, Grapes, Athirasam, Appam, Sandle Ball, Banana etc, and anything you like followed things should be kept near the tree in a Thaambaalam from your hand Saying the Manthra  “Moolatho brahma rupaaya madhyatho vishnu roopinae agrathaha shiva roopaaya vriksha raajaaya they namaha”. you must do Pradhakshinam.

In case of Delay process of Marriage, or give the advice of an Astrologer  Males are also eligible to do Ashwattha Pradhakshinam and Pooja as above and chant Purusha sooktha Japam.

After completion of Ashwattha Pradakhinam provide Boajanam to the Vedic pundits and your friends and relatives and get Aasirvadam from him.

Distribute the 108 numbers which you have used for Ashwattha Pradakshinam give it to all people who are coming to that temple at that time. Also for ladies you may give Thaamboolam, Dhakshinai, Flowers, Fruits, Sweets etc; as you wish.

Benefits of Ashwattha pradakshinam :

More powerful for control all bad elements, Delay process of marriage, Sarpa sapam, pithru sapam, Sumangali Sapam, Puthra Dohsam, Brahmana Sapam, Brahmahatya Dosham, and  Black Magic evil force.

Our Divine Astrologer Thethiyur V.Mahadevan helps you to identify the weak areas in your horoscope and give the guidance and advice for immediate remedy through Chozhi Prasnam (Shell Prasnam) to reduce the power and lead a happy life.

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