Significance of Uma Maheshwara Dhambathi Pooja

Uma is Maaa Parvati and Maheshawara is lord Shiva, the devotees seeking for the happy marital life worship both. They are considered as the perfect match i.e. Shiva and Shakti.

Uma is the wife of lord Shiva. Together they are known as Ardhanarishwar. Uma is the manifestation of Shakti and Maheshwar is Shiva. Shiva and Shakti together gives rise to life and becomes Paramshakti. It is believed that without Shiva, Shakti is incomplete and without Shakti there is no sign of Shiva. The Pooja of both brings in happiness in the life of devotee and gives them all the worldly happiness. It removes all the problems, Misunderstanding  in between the couples , the peace and happiness comes in their relation.

It is believed that the lord Maheshwara is the god of mercy and compassion and protects its devotees from the evils and negative forces present in the world. He showers prosperity, happiness and wisdom on his devotees. Goddess Parwathi is believed to grant boon of Saubhagya to women and removes all troubles existing in their life. The pooja of both together removes the hurdles coming in the path of their marital life or in getting married.

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Benefits of Uma Maheshwara Dhambathi Pooja:

•    Achieving happiness in life.
•    Remove problems in their marital life
•    Happiness and peace in their relations.
•    worldly enjoyment, success in endeavors and awakens wisdom.
•    Any discord in the relationship is get resolved and unites the husband and wife.
•    Those who desire for the children also perform this pooja
•    Success and all round progress of their children.

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