Significance of Navagraha Homam

Nava’ means Nine; ‘Graha’ means Planets. Navagraha Homam is performed to remove all the obstacles of life and to attain ‘Ayur, Arogya and Saukhyam’( longevity, health and happiness). Navagraha Homam is recommended by our Divine Astrologer Thethiyur V.Mahadevan for atonement of Navagraha Doshas .

Homa is performed after conducting Navagraha Pooja . Nine varieties of flowers, Nine cereals (Nava Dhanya),Nine Clothes(of different colours),and Nine types of Naivedyams are used for Pooja.

Benefit of the Planets

Surya (The Sun): The Sun is the most powerful living God who bestows you with good health and prosperity.

Chandra (The Moon): Moon is the planet, who rules your mind and brings success. The Moon, at the time of your birth is found in a particular star, and that will be considered your Moon Sign.

Kuja (Mars): Mars showers your prosperity and wealth.

Rahu (Ascending node of the Moon): Rahu makes your life stronger. He is instrumental in strengthening your power and converting even any enemy into your friend.

Guru (Jupiter): Jupiter blesses you with education and knowledge. He cures you from ailments and cleanses your negative emotions.

Shani (Saturn): Saturn ensures happiness. He is known to affect you adversely on occasions when he occupies certain positions in your horoscope. A prayer to him, especially on Saturdays, is said to mitigate your hardships.

Bhudhan (Mercury): Mercury is the planet of knowledge. He bestows you with wisdom and wealth.
Ketu (Descending node of the Moon): Ketu brings prosperity and negates bad effects, illnesses etc. He grants you good health, wealth and all round prosperity.

Shukra (Venus): Venus showers the knowledge of art and music. He is the bestowed of long life, wealth, happiness, children, property and good education.

Benefits of Navagraha Homam

  •   Relief from sufferings and hitches in life
  •   Favorable situations in all your endeavors
  •   The luck factor will favor you a lot
  •   Blessings from all the 9 planets for a successful life with reduce
  • Depressions throughout the life
  • People looking for opportunities to prove themselves
  • Professionals who are yearning for a hike in their career
  • Couple who wish for a happy married life
  • Children who long to perform well in their academics
  • Business people who aim to flourish in their business

Our Divine Astrologer Thethiyur V.Mahadevan helps you to identify the weak areas in your horoscope and give the guidance and advice for immediate remedy through Chozhi Prasnam (Shell Prasnam) to reduce the power and lead a happy life.

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