Significance of Ayushya (age) Homam

Ayushya Homam is done for worshipping the Gods and Goddesses of Life i.e. Auyr Devathas, so that one can gets the blessings which makes him or her “Ayusman” or ” Ayusmati” i.e. person with long life. It is said that the ancient sage Bhodhyana explains the significance of Ayushya Homam in his Bhodhyana Sutras. The great Sage Bhodhyana who is believed to be the direct disciple of ‘Maha Rishi Vedavyas’, explained in his Bhodhyana Sutras the significance of Ayush Homam by which a person may get a long and healthy life.

Every year every person should do this Homam in his Birth Star of the Birth Month (Hindu Birth day celebration). Most of the peoples are doing this Homam on the First year Birthday Only. Once in a year is said to be Must for Children born under Balarishta (death connection) yoga. If someone is suffering from any ailment for long time, this Ayushya Homam is the best remedy.

The Ayushya Homam will invoke these blessings for your longevity, healthy life, recovery from health ailments and mental traumas, The Ayur Devata is the chief deity of this powerful Homam.

Lord Ayurdevatha, Mruthyunjaya Rudra and lord Dhanvanthari are worshiped. Ayushya Sooktha, Nakshathra manthras, Mruthunjaya manthras, Dhanvanthri manthra are chanted by our Vedic Pandits during this Homam. Navagraha Homam also done with this Homam. At the end of the Homam Kalasha abhisheka and Kalasha, Ajya, Navadhanya, Phala danas are given. After that Our Divine Astrologer Thethiyur V.Mahadevan blessing for you! This is very powerful Homam can be a great relief for children .

Benefit of Ayush Homam

  • For long life and removal of all obstacles from life.
  • For healthy, restores vitality , living and long longevity
  • Long time suffering from any ailment
  • Those who are mentally troubled and mentally wounded or stricken by Depression.
  • Preventing untimely deaths caused by fatal accidents, natural calamities, self-destructive habits, suicides etc.



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