Significance of Sri Mahalakshmi Homam

There are some of the places where Sri Maha Lakshmi is said to found. On the backside of Cow (that’s the reason cow’s urine is used for making pure), Elephants face, Natural scented Flowers, Thiru Villakku, Sandal wood. Gomiyam (Cow’s urine), inside palm etc. And more than these, the smoke which comes out of every Homam is also said to be the place where Sri Maha Lakshmi is found.

Nelli tree is the place where Maha Lakshmi is found and his complete blessing is offered. Nellikkani is also called with the name “Haribalam”. Hari means Mahalakshmi “Balam” means strength.

Sri Suktha Homam of Devi Maha Lakshmi is a major spiritual procedure for attaining of financial desires and prosperity. There are Fifteen Mantras in the Sri Suktham. Sri Suktham is in Atharvana Veda and also appears as a supplement to Rig Veda.

Sri Suktha Homam of Sri Maha Lakshmi is a very powerful Homam which is highly recommended by our Divine Astrologer Thethiyur V.Mahadevan for removing Financial crisis, hardship and sufferings. This powerful Homam restores and retains Health, Wealth, Peace, Prosperity and Abundance in life and remove obstacles.

Benefit of Sri Mahalakshmi Homam

  • It removes misfortunes that creates poverty – both material as well as spiritual power.
  • Removing your personal or your business financial crisis
  • Attract Good health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

Our Divine Astrologer Thethiyur V.Mahadevan helps you to identify the weak areas in your horoscope and give the guidance and advice for immediate remedy through Chozhi Prasnam (Shell Prasnam) to reduce the power and lead a happy life.

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