Significance of Thila Homam

Thila Homam, is a powerful Vedic ritual performed with ‘Til’ or ‘Ellu’ to get rid of the difficulties arising due to Pithru Dosha (Ancestor Dhosham). Hindu ritual of offering holy materials to the Agni or fire while chanting mantras. Thilahomam is mainly performed after offering Thila Tharpanam to forefathers.

Reasons for Pitru Dosha

The main reasons for Pithru Dhosham are the non performances of Srardhams and other rituals correctly to appease our ancestors. Similarly, Pihtru Dosham may happen if anyone of the family members may have died in accidents or unnaturally and the departed soul does not get peace. According to various Purans, Sasthras, In the family any one can done ABOSHAN, if any ancestors up to the 4th generation on the Mother’s side and up to the 7th generation on the Father’s side may have died at an early age or have had an unnatural death, the currently generation may have been suffering from Pitru Dosha.

Hindrances caused by dead souls

Such ancestors and others who died unnaturally in our family give troubles like delaying in settling down in a job, late marriage, delayed child birth, disobedient children or children giving troubles or suffer ailments, disharmony with family members and between couples, more unwanted expenditure, have legal proceedings & often occurrence of accidents.

Thila Homa Remedy

Such soul are said to be haunting and roaming in space and they give their ill wish to their children on earth. So the Sasthra advice us a Thila Homam is the only remedy that can give a soul peace and relieve it from the cluches of negative forces. Also this Homam helps a soul to find its way or have rebirth or is sent to the lotus feet of God.

A right place to performThila Homam

This Homa must be done at Sethusheera i.e. Rameshwaram, as nothing can be more auspicious and powerful then this place.

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