Significance of Dampatya (Samvathasuktha) Homam

Most families today face difficulties in keeping better relationships due to various factors. This also leads to conflicts which cannot be resolved quickly.

This Homam is performed to reunite a Husband and Wife who have been separated. During Sooktha Homam, the Names and the Stars of the Husband and Wife will be chanted for each mantra . Samvadha Sooktha Homam is also useful for Sathru Nigraham ( to remove the negative energy from the mind of an enemy)

Our Divine Astrologer Thethiyur V.Mahadevan give proper guidelines along with our Vedic Pandits organising the Dampatya Pashupatam Homam. They also chant the powerful vedic matras followed by fire rituals to gain more advantages.

Benefit of Dampatya Pashupatam Homam

  • Anyone who wants to establish relationships with others can choose this Homam for achieving goals to a wider extent.
  • To ensure trust and harmony within a family after performing this Homam
  • Improving relationships among family members by clearing doubts and other issues in effective manner.
  • For strengthening relationship
  • For couples to live a happy life.

For minimizing disputes in an effective manner.

Our Divine Astrologer Thethiyur V.Mahadevan helps you to identify the weak areas in your horoscope and give the guidance and advice for immediate remedy through Chozhi Prasnam (Shell Prasnam) to reduce the power and lead a happy life.

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